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Cryptainer PE Encryption Software 7.2.3

Cryptainer PE Encryption Software 7.2.3: Encrypt Any Data on Any Windows PC using Cryptainer PE Encryption Software Encrypt Any Data, Any PC, Any Media using Cypherix Cryptainer PE File, Folder and Disk Encryption Software. Simple, easy to use encryption application that creates encrypted "vaults". One can store any kind of data in them. Cypherix`s Cryptainer PE allows you to encrypt any file or folder. Password protect and secure any file or folder with strong Encryption on any Windows PC. Encrypts data on any Media USB Drives, CD`s/DVD`s and any HDD`s.

Cryptainer LE Free Encryption Software 7.0.3: Cryptainer LE Totally free 128 bit file and disk encryption software
Cryptainer LE Free Encryption Software 7.0.3

Cryptainer LE totally free 128 bit disk encryption software. Simple, easy to use encryption application that creates encrypted "vaults". One can store any kind of data in them. Cryptainer LE allows you to encrypt any file or folder on any Windows PC. Protects all types of Media and any type of data. Password protect any file or folder with strong Encryption. Send secure e-mail. Protects data on USB Drives, Flash Drives, CDs and HDDs. Freeware.

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Bsecsoft Data Locker 2.0.11: Bsecsoft Data Locker is best File & Folder Encrypt, Hide, Protect software.
Bsecsoft Data Locker 2.0.11

data loss, or info leaks, Bsecsoft Data Locker is an ideal solution for you. ------------------------------- Key Features: (1) Powerful Encryption Technology Fast file encryption with 256-bit AES on-the-fly encryption Encrypt files and folders of any type (2) Complete Privacy Whether you`re concerned with privacy, data theft, data loss, data leaks, you would need the Data Locker. (3) Prevent Access Easily block access to your own files, folders,

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SecuKEEPER 2.93: SecuKEEPER lock or encrypt files, folders and disk with all-in-one encryption.
SecuKEEPER 2.93

encryption software. SecuKEEPER is an All-in-one file encryption software, Your best choice - can secure everything,offers four types of encryption protection for files at various security levels, can rapidly Lock files to prevent access without actually encrypting them, or Hide the locked files so they`re not even visible,can Encrypt files and folders, optionally making them self-decrypting so they can be opened on a system that doesn`t have SecuKEEPER

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EASEUS Data Recovery & Security Suite 1.0: One-stop and powerful solution for data recovery and security from EASEUS.
EASEUS Data Recovery & Security Suite 1.0

encrypting data, the illegal user can access the encrypted data by some simple ways, such as "Modify Registry", "Data recovery software" etc. so your important data is not secure under this situation. As well as recover all your data loss, you can also protect any of your file, folder, partition and hard disk without any chances of recovery with our special Data Recovery & Security Suite solution. Data Security Wizard, using the best encrypt algorithm

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Encrypt Shell 5.0: Encrypt Shell
Encrypt Shell 5.0

data to another safe place can you now only right click on saved text file and enter a password and simply push "Encrypt" button and now all data encrypted in this text file... And when you later will transfer all data from text file to a safe place can you right click on text files again and chose "Encrypt/Decrypt" from menu for show up Encrypt dialog box and enter same password you used when you encrypted last time but now you chose button "Decrypt

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SecurityPlus 4.33: Powerful data encryption. encrypt files, file encryption, encrypt folders.
SecurityPlus 4.33

SecurityPlus is a powerful file encryption and file decryption utility, it will encrypt files and encrypt folders. An encrypting files software that comes with a file viewer, thumbnails, slideshow and program selector, runs in the tray. Current passwords (keys) can be quickly cleared and files can be safely deleted (shredded). Other features: zoom, viewer size selection, JPG and dithering options, files list, image info (including CRC).

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